Phoenix Comicon 2017 Schedule

Come See us at Phoenix Comicon 2017!  See the full schedule for the Convention HERE!


We will be in Hyatt Room 315 just like we were last year!   We look forward to seeing you there!


Thursday Games:
Time: Game Name: System: GM: Players/Age:
7PM Ladies and Gentlemen.. Hunter: The Vigil Darrell 6/13+
In the ruins of a derelict amusement park, a Circus appears promising all manner of supernatural delights.  Your team is to verify any potential threats of exposure or public danger.  Oh, and enjoy the show…
8PM Whisper Lake Chronicles of Darkness Dave 6/18+
You are part of an collection of 15 – 20 supernaturals here to pay your respects and give your tithe. You are not sure what is going on other than this is strange and everyone is on their best behavior…out in the middle of nowhere.
Friday Games:
10AM New Recruits D&D 5E Burton
“When something goes bump in the night, who you gonna call?  Well, they aren’t available, so we’ll have to settle for you.”
4PM Where did all the Dwarves go? D&D 5E Dave Levels 8-10
Once the their was peace between the 2 Dwarven Kings in the cooperative. Now that the workers and the Dwarves who manned the Great Mine have disappeared. Now the two Dwarven Kings openly accuse the other of misdeeds. The peace and productivity of the Great Mine are at a standstill. Before war could erupt cooler heads have prevailed and your party is being sent in to investigate and return with answers. No pressure, right?
6PM Thus Do We Refute Entropy Werewolf: The Forsaken Darrell 6/13+
An ancient madness begins to takes hold of the city.  Two spirits plead for help.  Your pack must unravel the secret dramas of the spirit world before the corruption is complete.
7PM Killing “Miss Murder” Hunter: The Vigil Dave 6/18+
For 10 years “Little Bruit”, a brutal part of your town has grown and become darker with each passing month. But no more you and your cell have found a way to put “Miss Murder” down for good. Finder her. Subdue her. Then drowned her in the lake.
8PM Sinners Night Dark Ages: Vampire 20th Brendon 6/18+
Sinner’s Night is upon us!  The Prince has decreed that when the sun sets upon the morrow, all transgressions committed will be purified by the sun’s next rising.   But not everyone agrees.
Saturday Games:
10AM Out of the Darkness D&D 5E Brendon 6/13+
The farmer’s daughter has fallen tragically ill, on promise of reward, you have agreed to retrieve an amulet which will grant her vitality and bring her back to health.
2PM Lessons from the Past Force and Destiny(Star Wars) Brendon 6/13+
Adventurers seek to rediscover the legacy of the Jedi.  If they succeed, perhaps hope can be restored to the galaxy.
4PM It Takes a Village Chornicles of Darkness -Mortals Darrell 6/13+
Mary McPherson Findlay is a fairly exceptional young woman.  She longs to see the world beyond the borders of her dingy, run-down hometown, and she’s offered you a handsome reward to help her escape.  The town, however, has other plans…
8PM Secrets of Flight Cavaliers of Mars (Playtest) Brendon 6/13+
Heir to the dying Mars, much has been lost, including the secrets of the sky-ships. Rumor tells of ancient records that could lead the people to the sky.  Grab your flint-laser and join the adventure!

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